3 de mis trends preferidos | Fall-Winter 2017-18

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¿Otoño? ¡¿ya llegó?! Bueno, la verdad es que no. Aún estamos en pleno sol veraniego, pero me encanta ir visualizando las tendencias que se acercan para tener un wish list preparado ¿No les ha pasado que al fin lograron comprar esa prenda que morían por tener y justo se acabó la temporada?  ¡Creo que todas hemos sufrido esto! Justamente por eso planifico o, tengo en mi top of mind esas piezas que están por adueñarse de las calles fashionisticas.

Otras de las cosas buenas de adelantarse es que puedo planificar mis compras con un budget determinado y, ¡no gasto de más! Además, este ejercicio me inspira a revisar el clóset y siempre termino encontrando aguna pieza a la que le pueda sacar provecho. Entiéndase: Puedo estar a la moda sin arruinar mi bolsillo:

Resultado de imagen para shopaholic gif

Por ello, decidí compartir con ustedes mis tendencias preferidas para los próximos meses Otoño-Invierno 2017-2018. Aquí les van:

1. “When in doubt wear red”

Images: Imaxtree. Collage: StyleUrMood

Me fascina ver el rojo por todas partes. Definitivamente es el color del otoño 2017. Antes le tenia un poco de fobia. PERO, aprendí que uno puede adueñarse del color a su manera y terminar amándolo. Ahorita muero por unos Zarcillos Rojos Tassel, una Falda de Cuero o unas Botas Altas en este color.

2. Estilo oficina: Plaid, Pata de Gallo y Check.

Images: Imaxtree. Collage: StyleUrMood

¿QUÉ? ¿Look de oficina? SÍ y me encanta. Se ve súper elegante y va completamente con el mood de la temporada. En estos próximos meses, no puedes dejar de llevar una pieza en Plaid, Pied De Pouled (Pata de gallo) o Cuadros. Estoy segura que casi todas tenemos un par en el clóset agarrando polvo. Es el momento para que los sacudas, les eches una lavadita y los luzcas. Puedes combinarlos con un graphic tee o una blusita roja.

3. Otoño floreado

Images: Imaxtree. Collage: StyleUrMood

Algo que me tiene enamorada de esta temporada son las flores, y aquí, entre nos, podría usarlas todo el año, jaja. De hecho, me tranquiliza saber que mis vestidos floreados no van a quedarse en el clóset hasta la primavera que viene. Ahorita, específicamente, se ven muchos colores mostaza, burgundy, azul y verde esmeralda.

y, ustedes cuéntenme ¿Cuáles son sus tendencias favoritas para otoño? Me pueden comentar por aquí, Instagram o Facebook, en dónde también pueden compartir la publicación si les gustó.

Nos vemos en el próximo post,
Les envío mucho amor

Andre Benzo

#LocalBrands : Nostra Miami Dad Hat

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Hi there my loves <3,

Last week I felt in the mood of wearing a street outfit. I was looking for something cool without losing my essence. I’m saying “without losing my essence” because I’m not always dressed in Urban Clothes, but I really like them. So, I was really into getting the whole style adapted to my wardrobe.

Also, I wanted to create a look with a local brand; the thing is, I really enjoy searching talent and trends around the area. So, I did my research and I found Nostra: High-end Street Wear Inspired and Made in Miami. After checking out their catalog, I decided to wear their Summer Vice Hat in White! A simple but incredibly awesome Dad Hat!

Nostra Miami Summer Vice  Dad Hat

A Dad Hat? You, Andrea, Really? Yes! A Dad Hat! You have no idea, this is a huge trend and, I’m loving it! I don’t know if it already happened to you, but every time I go shopping I see them everywhere! In fact, I was looking for a Dad Hat since January and, I just couldn’t decide which one to get! (Yes, I’m that picky with accessories) So, I was really happy to finally find this one! Nostra really did the job! The fabric is soft and fresh, it’s built with high-quality materials so it’s incredibly comfortable. Also, I loved how it looked, I would totally recommend it! what do you think? You can get it here!

I hope you like it!
Love you all,


4 things you should consider before buying a swimsuit!

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Last week I had this trip planned to Key West and, since it was something I’ve always wanted to do, I decided to add some flair to my beach outfit by acquiring a new bathing suit.

We all know that swimsuit shopping is a difficult task. I think it is one of the most stressful and frustrating shopping experiences. However,  it could be lighter and more fun if we consider the following tips:

1. Set a Swimsuit Budget

In general, swimsuits are not a cheap item. If you are seeking for a decent quality piece you might consider spending more than 30 bucks. If your budget is limited, avoid expensive brands, unless you know they have a sale. I don’t want you to fall in love with a beautiful one-piece swimsuit and then, suffer from a broken heart once you check the price tag. 😦

2. Remember: Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’ll look good on everyone.

Yes, we like to follow trends! But, it doesn’t mean that any cool awesome trend will flatter our bodies. We need to understand our body type and, if the swimsuit model or style doesn’t work for you, just don’t buy it. You’ll lose your money and you’ll feel bad about yourself. Remember to consider your skin color as well, think about favorable tones for you. In my case, I can’t wear any light pink nor light blue, because my skin is deadly pale. I need something a little bit more vivid.

3. If you don’t feel comfortable: DON’T BUY IT.

Ok, so you passed the selection phase. Now, the fitting room challenge is on!!!!! Please, if you feel something´s wrong with the swimsuit or you just don’t feel too comfortable in it don’t get it, ’cause it won’t change [NEVER] you must FALL IN LOVE, and it should be love at first sight. ❤ ❤ ❤ If you don’t like it enough, it’s not worth it! We don’t want any regrets here.

4. If you’re shopping online, check the brand’s size chart.

If possible, try it first at the physical store. When buying online, it’s really important to follow the size chart instructions from the brand you are planning to purchase your swimsuit. Usually, online stores don’t accept returns on bathing suits, so, I highly recommend to check the measurements first. If you are getting it online because you have a coupon or discount, try to locate a store nearby and try it first. If you like it, it fits perfectly and you feel comfortable with the price, you have achieved it!!! GO FOR IT 😀

As you can see I got mine!! I’m happy with my choice:

T H E  L O O K

Swimsuit: Forever 21

Sunglasses:  Lucky Brand

Shorts: Vintage (the 50’s)


3 Must-Haves To Start Off Summer With The Right Foot

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Hello! Summer has finally arrived, and it comes along with colorful and fun shoes. I believe my obsession with them have made me a terrible shopper. I always try to plan my closet’s acquisitions; however, I kind of forget my list, because I am really focused on heels, sandals, Platforms, etc. But, there’s always a bright side: owning a big shoe’s wardrobe means the following: You can wear the same outfit every single day, but, with a distinct pair of shoes, and the outcome will be a completely different outfit. That’s why I want to share my bucket list for this season. Also, I want you to know where you can find beautiful models at an affordable price. My mission here is to increase our shoe’s collection together, without ruining ourselves!

So, Are you ready to build up our summer shoe’s shopping list?


Mules Must-Haves Summer 2017 | StyleUrMood


Mules are in. They’ve been in the loop since spring, however, summer delivers satin and new prints for this model, so they’re planning to stay a little bit longer. I’m obsessed with this model because flowered prints make them look sophisticated. So yes, I’m adding them to my cart, is the perfect moment to go for it!!

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Where to buy them? Kamala Black Embroidered Slide Sandals, Floral Embroidered Satin Mules, Zara Beader Vamp and Heels Sandals, HM MulesSeychelles Nursery Sandal,


The sporty trend stills rocking. What I love about sneakers is their versatility, we can look from classy to careless and, brands are offering so many options I just can’t pick one pair as my favorites. Platforms, Embroidered, Glittered, Metallic, Velvet, you name it. They all make us fall in love.

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Where to buy them? ZARA White Sneakers, Adidas Original’s Superstar Shoes,  Aldo Zellina,  Rebook X Spirit Classic Leather,Steve Madden Magenta


Imagine a magic world where you could look like a princess without being uncomfortable. that’s exactly what happens when you’re wearing espadrilles. Or at least that’s how I feel about them. You’ll look chic, trendy and taller and there’s no need of cinderella’s glass shoes. This season comes along with pink, yellow and pastels.

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Where to buy them? Amber in Yello Just Fab Espadrilles, Top Shot KROWN Lase Espadrilles, HM Espadrilles with Lacing, Indigo Rd. Airy Wedge Sandals, Soludos Elephant Platform Smoking Slipper


No Swimsuit? No problem!

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I was having a stressful day, so I decided to take a breath and head up to the beach as quickly as possible. As soon as I got there I realized I forgot my swimsuit. The outcome: wearing a bralette. Luckily it was a pretty one! What do you think?? It looks cool and classy or not at all?

Boyfriend T-shirt + dress. Is that happening?

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EN-I have NO idea if this trend is happening or not, but let me tell you something, I LOVE mixing flirty and happy dresses with a boyfriend T-shirt. It makes me feel so comfortable and it also looks really cool. You know, it gives you like a careless mood but you still get the chance to look cute, I mean, you are wearing a dress.

Wanna know how this happened? I LOVE skirts, specially flared ones, with those cool and colorful prints. But, back in Venezuela I didn’t find the opportunity to wear them, or maybe I didn’t take the risk to. SOO, I had a sunday lunch, it was really hot and I wasn’t in the sticky jeans nor pants mood, but I didn’t have any skirts I absolutely loved. Immediatly I saw this dress, which I bought a couple of days ago on a Vintage Store, right next to my favorite everyday T-shirt and KABOOM!!! I heard magic stylists voices in my mind saying: TRY THEM, and I did. Since then it’s a trend for me.


ES-La verdad es que no he visto tanto esta tendencia, pero déjenme decirles algo, ME ENCANTA combinar vestidos alegres con una camiseta gigante tipo Boyfriend. Me siento comodísima y además luce super cool. Es que te da como ese look desenfadado pero sigues viéndote coqueta. Estás usando un vestido, no hay forma alguna de no verse linda usando estampados y colores primaverosos!

Entonces, quieren saber cómo llegue a este look? les cuento, me encantan las faldas!! me fascinan, sobre todo las que son como acampanadas y estampadas. Pero, por alguna razón no conseguía la oportunidad de utilizarlas cuando vivía en Venezuela,  o capaz no tomaba el riesgo, no sé por qué. Entonces, hace unos días tenía un almuerzo y no sabía qué usar porque no era tan formal, y el calor era infinito. No tenía intenciones de utilizar pantalones o jeans, y en el momento no tenía ninguna falda que me dijera “por favor úsame” (Diantres, era el momento perfecto para una falda). De inmediato ubiqué este vestido, que compré hace poco en un vintage store, justo alado de mi franela favorita para todos los días y BOOM!!! escuché las voces estilistas, que suelen aconsejarme en momentos de crisis, diciéndome: PRUEBA ESTO YA. Desde entonces se ha convertido en una tendencia para mi.



DRESS: Reformed by Urban Outfiters.


SHOES: Converse




Style ur Mood: A taste of fashion that comes from the mood of the day.


Hi! For those who don’t know me, my name is Andrea, and this is what I call my fun world and best part of the day: StyleUrMood ❤!! I’ve always loved fashion, arts, traveling and reading. It sounds like a great combo, doesn’t it???? Maybe I could add a beer, or a glass of wine and it’d be my happy meal. 😀

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I come from Venezuela and, as every single person in the world, I have plenty of dreams! And yes, I live in an constant pursuit of my dreams. I’m telling you all this because I want you to understand my context. Now, this is my story: since I was a little girl, I decided I needed an identity, a style that could help me make a statement. I wanted to change the world and make a difference. I didn’t want to rest until I got what I wanted. So, I was that kind of teenager who went from a punk look to a hippie one, or I could just look crazy,  boho, vintage, elegant, nerdy, rebel, perfectionist, messy… and the list goes on. I needed to find a balanced aesthetic. Now, I understand it was part of my growth and those stages were a normal thing for teenagers. Nevertheless, I always kept something of this craziness as part of my personality: I’m unfaithful to any fashion style.

C’mon!! Don’t judge me, it’s not like I’m cheating on my boyfriend, I’m just having fun every single day of my life. Why not??? Life is a huge, cool wardrobe with awesome outfits that are just waiting to be part of your closet. It’s just like when you decide to travel, you might choose a quiet destination because you are in a relaxed mood and you need to take a break from the loud city. And the next vacation could be in Asia, because you felt like learning a new culture. The world offers a beautiful catalog of destinations, fashion does it too, and I want to explore every corner of it. It’s all about your mood, thus, your style or outfit. That’s how StyleUrMood became something. I want to give you a little bit of crazy, a taste of fashion that comes from the mood of the day.
Today I decided for a Boho Mood, what do you think?


¡Hola! Para los que no me conocen, mi nombre es Andrea y este es un espacio que me hace infinitamente feliz: StyleUrMood <3!!!. Siempre me ha encantado la moda, el arte, viajar y la lectura, suena como una buena combinación, ¿no? Podría acompañarlos con una cerveza o un tinto y lo bautizaría como un momento perfecto.:D

Quisiera contarles un poco de mí. Mi nacionalidad es venezolana y, como toda persona en el mundo, tengo muchísimos sueños. Soñadora profesional me podría llamar. Inicio con todo esto porque quisiera ponerlos en contexto para que entiendan un poco mi historia. Cuando era niña, decidí que necesitaba una identidad o un estilo que me ayudara a marcar pauta. Quería cambiar el mundo, hacer la diferencia y no iba a descansar hasta conseguir lo que quería, así que era ese tipo de adolescente que jugaba a ser punk un día, hippie el otro, o podía ser boho, punk, vintage, elegante, rebelde, perfeccionista, desordenada, etc. Necesitaba encontrar un norte, esa definición de estilo y personalidad. Hoy día entiendo que eran etapas normales en la adolescencia y que no era la única que pasó por eso. Pero, siempre me quedó algo, una chispa de esa locura se mantuvo en mi personalidad: no soy fiel a ningún estilo en particular.

heeey !!! No me juzguen!!! no estoy haciendo nada malo, solo divirtiéndome todos los días. ¿Por qué no? La vida te ofrece un armario espectacular con outfits increíbles que simplemente están esperando a ser parte de tu closet. Relaciono esto mucho con las vacaciones; cuando decides viajar, puedes elegir un destino tranquilo, porque estás en un “mood” relajado y necesitas un descanso de la ciudad caótica. Y la próxima aventura podría ser en Asia, porque estabas en el mood de conocer una nueva cultura. El mundo ofrece un hermoso catálogo de destinos, la moda lo hace también, y quiero explorar cada rincón. Se trata del “mood” en el que estés, por tanto el estilo o outfit que lleves contigo.

Así es como StyleUrMood se convirtió en algo. Quiero enseñarles todos los días un poco de esta locura, una cucharada de moda que viene acompañada del mood del día. Hoy mi mood es 100% Boho, ¿qué les parece?.

Boots & Skirt: Forever21

T-Shirt: Old Navy

Necklace: Balu Accesorios!

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