#LocalBrands : Nostra Miami Dad Hat

Andrea's Mood, Urban Moods

Hi there my loves <3,

Last week I felt in the mood of wearing a street outfit. I was looking for something cool without losing my essence. I’m saying “without losing my essence” because I’m not always dressed in Urban Clothes, but I really like them. So, I was really into getting the whole style adapted to my wardrobe.

Also, I wanted to create a look with a local brand; the thing is, I really enjoy searching talent and trends around the area. So, I did my research and I found Nostra: High-end Street Wear Inspired and Made in Miami. After checking out their catalog, I decided to wear their Summer Vice Hat in White! A simple but incredibly awesome Dad Hat!

Nostra Miami Summer Vice  Dad Hat

A Dad Hat? You, Andrea, Really? Yes! A Dad Hat! You have no idea, this is a huge trend and, I’m loving it! I don’t know if it already happened to you, but every time I go shopping I see them everywhere! In fact, I was looking for a Dad Hat since January and, I just couldn’t decide which one to get! (Yes, I’m that picky with accessories) So, I was really happy to finally find this one! Nostra really did the job! The fabric is soft and fresh, it’s built with high-quality materials so it’s incredibly comfortable. Also, I loved how it looked, I would totally recommend it! what do you think? You can get it here!

I hope you like it!
Love you all,


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