3 Must-Haves To Start Off Summer With The Right Foot

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Hello! Summer has finally arrived, and it comes along with colorful and fun shoes. I believe my obsession with them have made me a terrible shopper. I always try to plan my closet’s acquisitions; however, I kind of forget my list, because I am really focused on heels, sandals, Platforms, etc. But, there’s always a bright side: owning a big shoe’s wardrobe means the following: You can wear the same outfit every single day, but, with a distinct pair of shoes, and the outcome will be a completely different outfit. That’s why I want to share my bucket list for this season. Also, I want you to know where you can find beautiful models at an affordable price. My mission here is to increase our shoe’s collection together, without ruining ourselves!

So, Are you ready to build up our summer shoe’s shopping list?


Mules Must-Haves Summer 2017 | StyleUrMood


Mules are in. They’ve been in the loop since spring, however, summer delivers satin and new prints for this model, so they’re planning to stay a little bit longer. I’m obsessed with this model because flowered prints make them look sophisticated. So yes, I’m adding them to my cart, is the perfect moment to go for it!!

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Where to buy them? Kamala Black Embroidered Slide Sandals, Floral Embroidered Satin Mules, Zara Beader Vamp and Heels Sandals, HM MulesSeychelles Nursery Sandal,


The sporty trend stills rocking. What I love about sneakers is their versatility, we can look from classy to careless and, brands are offering so many options I just can’t pick one pair as my favorites. Platforms, Embroidered, Glittered, Metallic, Velvet, you name it. They all make us fall in love.

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Where to buy them? ZARA White Sneakers, Adidas Original’s Superstar Shoes,  Aldo Zellina,  Rebook X Spirit Classic Leather,Steve Madden Magenta


Imagine a magic world where you could look like a princess without being uncomfortable. that’s exactly what happens when you’re wearing espadrilles. Or at least that’s how I feel about them. You’ll look chic, trendy and taller and there’s no need of cinderella’s glass shoes. This season comes along with pink, yellow and pastels.

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Where to buy them? Amber in Yello Just Fab Espadrilles, Top Shot KROWN Lase Espadrilles, HM Espadrilles with Lacing, Indigo Rd. Airy Wedge Sandals, Soludos Elephant Platform Smoking Slipper


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